Monthly Milestone Anniversary

Red Innova is a global community of social innovators connected to the Fundacion MAPFRE Awards for Social Innovation, boosted by IE. The community was established in 2018 and continues to scale,with the semifinalists of each edition of the awards invited to join. The exclusive community is composed of social entrepreneurs, (from e-Health, sustainable mobility, insurance, and ageingnomics sectors) directors from Fundación MAPFRE, MAPFRE, IE University, team of mentors and jury members.These are innovation experts from all across the world, coming from Brazil, the rest of LATAM and Europe.

 The trimesterly high-impact activities are built upon 3 core pillars: communication; support; and knowledge exchange. Through these activities, members are empowered to connect and grow their projects. One of the key activities in Red Innova is the recognition of the members’ achievements through “Monthly Milestones”. In this activity, our members tell us about their achievements each month. With this information, we then elaborate a report and share it with the closed community, so that we can stay up to date with each other’s progress and developments. Members can submit their milestones via an online form in either Spanish, English or Portuguese.

Milestones mark big steps in a journey. Nelson Mandela once said, “it’s important to remember to celebrate milestones when preparing for the road ahead.” For that reason, over the past few months the Red Innova community has been working on a unique Monthly Milestones compilation to celebrate the anniversary of the tradition.

The personalised documents celebrate the achievements of each individual project in the community – milestones that they have shared with us on a monthly basis since joining Red Innova. Across the 3 years that Red Innova has celebrated the Monthly Milestones tradition, there has been documentation of over 510 milestones from our members, who have also shared over 150 images.

 In total, 48 unique and personalised Monthly Milestone Anniversary documents designed and published  so that our members could use them as:

  1. An internal tool to track their company’s progress, and remind employees of how much they have achieved
  2. Show mentors, investors, or other stakeholders the progress made and everything achieved over the years (resulting in a potential synergy)
  3. Build exposure of the company’s achievements by sharing it.

 While developing the Monthly Milestone Documents it becomes impressive to track the key performances, progress, achievements and growth each member manages to accomplish throughout their participation at Red Innova. Besides celebrating each project’s accomplishments and victories it is interesting to see how these documents can be used as both internal and external tools for communication. On one hand the documents serve as an internal tool to track progress and be reminded of how much has been achieved. While on the other hand, the document serves as an external tool for projects to facilitate communication about any progress achieved to any stakeholder, mentor, investor, partner, or between members of Red Innova. Overall, in addition to motivating in-group collaboration, the Monthly Milestone documents are interesting to look at in order to encourage members of the community to maintain their performance and those who are not as active to become more active.

Members from Red Innova community have been responsive for the Monthly Milestone Anniversary documents. Recently MJN-Neuro Project published on their LinkedIn Page their Anniversary document together with the following words:

 “Every month Red Innova recognises the achievements of the Social Impact organizations of the community through #MonthlyMilestones. This tradition began in 2018 and members from all over Brazil, the rest of LATAM and Europe participate. mjn-neuro is one of them! We want to share with you the milestones collected monthly through the Red Innova community. Thanks Laura McDermott IE University Fundación MAPFRE #socialimpact #community

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