The Young, Bright Talent of Red Innova

Written by Laura McDermott, Design Lead @ IE Centre for Social Innovation 

Red Innova is a global community of social innovators, who participated in the Social Innovation Awards by Fundación MAPFRE and powered by IE. Within this community, there are incredibly talented and motivated individuals, from diverse backgrounds and sectors such as Health, Mobility and Road Safety, and Insurtech. In 2018, our members achieved excellence in many facets of their projects. 

The Red Innova community has both members with years of experience and young energetic entrepreneurs, who learn from each other. Many of the younger profiles, who have channeled their energy and enthusiasm into impact projects, have been acknowledged by prestigious institutions for their contribution to society.

Towards the end of the year, Camila Vivallo and Bárbara López of Oliber were listed in the Top 100 Young Leaders in Chile by Revista El Sabado de El Mercurio. In Ecuador, Paul Quiñonez from Novulis was invited to the Young Leaders of the Americas Institute (YLAI), a programme to which one of our other members, René Espinoza is also associated.

We recently caught up with Daniel Ibiza of AIUDO, who received the AJEV Young Social Entrepreneur Award 2018, to learn more about his experience winning an award of this kind.


What prize did you win and why? 

The AJEV Young Social Entrepreneur Award, for the province of Valencia. Since we founded AIUDO, a home help service for the elderly, we plan to do things differently. We focus on selecting the right caregivers for each of our elderly clients. Our goal is always to get what the family needs, in order to reduce turnover and prevent the elderly from changing caregivers within a few weeks.

 This philosophy led us to collaborate with associations throughout Spain that work to reinsert marginalised people, and those at risk of gender violence, into the work force. This collaboration is of great value because it allows us to help great people find an indefinite job, while we are always there to support them and ensure the conditions are met. 

Home care services have been around for many years. However, AIUDO has a different proposal, with a social, technological and digital approach.

 How did you find out you had won the prize? 

They announced it at the AJEV gala event and, to tell the truth, it took me by surprise. There were so many finalists, I think more than 30, so I didn’t expect that AIUDO was one of those selected. In fact, there was another company with a very impressive journey. 

Also, the first time people read the name “AIUDO” they often find it difficult to pronounce, so it took me a few seconds to realise that they meant us!

 What was your first reaction? 

I shook hands with my companions and then went to collect the prize. I didn’t really know what to say, but I thanked the entities that have supported AIUDO. Thanks to them, we have been able to make a home help service that works throughout Spain, offering a service based on values ​​such as active ageing. 

These entities are AJEV, who organized the prize, Lanzadera who trusted us from the beginning, and Fundación MAPFRE among many others.

 Beyond the prize, what do you like most about the experience? 

We got a lot of media and social media coverage after the award and the gala. This sort of thing is great for small, new businesses that are fighting to make a mark. All coverage like this is really valuable.

 Congratulations again to all of our Red Innova members and their success in 2018. Here’s to another great year!


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